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Yes, the cost of a fantastic new website may indeed make your eyes water but the cost of losing out to your competition will most definitely make you cry.

Local Web Designers and Webflow Experts in Bolton who offer strategic, empathetic and trust evoking website design services for business owners that really care about growing their businesses.

Here at Stakra our Bolton Web Design studio caters to businesses in Bolton and around the world. If you're looking for a local web designer, you needn't look any further. Whilst new, the talent behind Stakra have an exceptional, proven reputation for creating bespoke and modern websites that are a cut above the rest.

As an agile collective of our industries top talent we have bundles of experience and even higher standards. We love working with Bolton start-ups and established organisations alike and given we've clients in the US and Canada we'll happily work with whomever we click with, regardless of location too.

If you're looking for a local Bolton based Web Designer with a global mentality then why not pencil in a chat? You've nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Project in mind?

What we provide is so much more than just 'Web Design'.

We take start-up businesses in Bolton from nothing to fully functioning digital brands, revamp existing websites, and take a successful Bolton companies and level them up online. We work with you in collaboration to craft a website that reflects your company, and resonates with your audience by providing value and personality.

We get it. You need results.

That's why our web design work approach is strategic; we ask the uncomfortable questions as we need to be empathetically intimate with your goals or issues. Only then, can we start to create a solution that suits.

The first rule of good marketing is to never criticise your competition but we have to break it because there's no easy way of saying it.

Most studios haven't the first clue when it comes to designing in parallel with commercial goals.

We've really been in your shoes.

We have ran companies in tough industries. It's been our company on the line and our funds that we're 'gambling' on marketing. We've been that person that has to qualify and quantify marketing spend and we've made enough mistakes to know what does and doesn't work. Put simply; a pretty website isn't going to cut it.

Don't get us wrong, our websites are incredibly pretty but this is not our objective - it's our standard.

We're interested in why your online efforts are not currently working the way you'd expect and through empathetic exploration, how that can be improved.

We build, not sell, the dream.

You'll rarely find us telling you that a new website will solve your all your problems and achieve all your goals. That being said, if you want to perform better online or just locally in Bolton, it wouldn't be unfair to assume that new websites are typically the vehicle of which carries the needed improvements.

A large aspect of our work is thoroughly understanding and perfecting your value proposition to customers. Don't tell them what you do - explain the value you provide.

It is this level of intimate commercial understanding that makes all the difference.

A few websites that doubled-down on generating sales.

COVID-Busting Mobile Bar & Cocktail business born out of boredom.

Web design for mobile portfolio image
Web design portfolio image

Luxury Chauffeur Provider taking over Yorkshire.

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We work to clarify and define the business’s objectives and / or pain points and assess to ensure that the core of the brand’s identity and website are well aligned. This sets the foundation of a successful project.


We move forward and start to establish the visual direction through that of mood boards or website mockups to give you a real feeling of what the concept will be. We include a round of revisions at this stage to make sure.


Once we’re happy with the visuals we move to the development stage where the website is built along with any other supporting materials. The final step is getting a fully working product pulled together and staged ready to go live.


Handover varies depending on project requirements but typically we provide all source materials along with making the project live. Video walkthroughs of certain functionalities or support after the project goes live can be provided.

Typical Timeline

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